La Flor de la Isabela

La Flor de la Isabela
La Flor de la Isabela
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Excellence in handmade cigars since 1881. Each cigar is painstakingly aged & every brand is expertly blended by our Master Blender to achieve the best cigar quality and consistency.

La Flor de la Isabela Inc.

A DISTINGUISHED HISTORY... "Born in Havana, Raised in Manila" Since 1881. The Tradition of Excellence in Handmade Cigars

It begins toward the end of the 17th century. The Spanish galleon San Clemente on the Acapulco-Manila trade route brought 200 ounces of Cuban tobacco seeds to the shores of the Philippine islands. These exquisite seeds propitiously found their way into the hands of the Spanish missionaries. Aside from sowing the seeds of the Catholic faith, the Spanish friars took it upon themselves to cultivate the tobacco seeds in Cagayan Valley, Isabela, a fertile region north of Manila, named after Queen Isabela of Spain.

With land as rich and climate as favorable as that of Cuba?s, tobacco-growing soon flourished throughout the Philippine archipelago and gave birth to a burgeoning cigar-making industry under colonial Spain.

Half a century later, the Governor General of the Philippines sent two large Philippine hardwood chests as a gift to the Viceroy of New Spain. They were filled to the brim with veritable treasures--- the finest, hand-rolled cigars from the Isabela plantation. The Viceroy summarily pronounced them to be of exquisite quality and fit for Spanish royalty. And in no time at all, through word of mouth, Philippine cigars gained widespread interest and international prominence throughout the Old World.

In 1881, Spain?s cigar companies in Manila were united to establish "Compania General de la Tabacos de Filipinas." This eventually evolved into what is known today as "La Flor de la Isabela" (The Flower of Isabela), in honor of the province where the first Cuban seeds were first cultivated and where the Philippine?s first and largest cigar factory in Asia Pacific commenced operations. But even more momentous was the fact that through this marriage of Philippine cigar experts, a new excellence in cigar making was born.

Today, La Flor de la Isabela holds the distinction of not only being the first and oldest cigar factory in Asia but also among the oldest cigar companies in the world. The distinctive heritage of La Flor de la Isabela has inspired cigar brands such as Tabacalera, Don Juan Urquijo, 1881, Alhambra and Calixto Lopez which are considered by discriminating cigar connoisseurs to be among the world?s finest brands.


In testament to the time-honored saying that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts," the combining of the entire cigar manufacturing industry in Manila circa 1881, formed the single, cohesive entity operating under the La Flor de la Isabela brand. All at once, an entire industry?s efforts, resources and know-how was concentrated on one company, one name.

So from several individual smaller-scale manufacturers, this strategic move initiated by a governmental decision, created one formidable force moving in a single, focused direction. The resulting company now had the capacity to meet the demand of the local market but more importantly, the capability to produce a premium, internationally accepted cigar. La Flor de la Isabela now had the volume and financial backing to compete in the world market.

In effect, the 1881 move allowed the entire Philippine cigar industry to promote as consistent level of quality. This in turn made for a concerted effort toward producing the only world-class Philippine-made cigar worthy of worldwide acclaim--- La Flor de la Isabela.


Each and every La Flor de la Isabela cigar is a work of art, whether it is branded Tabacalera, Don Juan Urquijo, 1881, Alhambra or Calixto Lopez; it is a product of impeccable quality. La Flor de la Isabela cigars undergo strict quality control measures to ensure that the products are consistent in appearance, draw and taste and in keeping with the Company?s standards of excellence. But even more than that, La Flor de la Isabela takes pride in the fact that each cigar promises the smoker a sensory experience worth anticipating and definitely worth savoring.

The experience begins as soon as you pick up your La Flor de la Isabela cigar. Take the time to savor the sweet bouquet that emanates from the wrapper. Roll the cigar over in your hand and appreciate the fine handiwork that went into its craftsmanship.

Now bring the cigar to life. Let each puff of the mild flavorful smoke fill your senses with pleasure. Exhale the smoke, letting the billowing clouds transport you to the world of refined tastes. Then sit back, relax and let the interlude with your La Flor de la Isabela cigar take over. It is sure to be an unforgettable encounter that will beg repeating.


As a testimony to La Flor de la Isabel?s products gaining the respect, recognition and appreciation they so richly deserve, they have been tried, tested and rated by the world?s cigar connoisseurs and foremost cigar publications.

Smoke magazine, Summer 1998 edition, said of Tabacalera Robusta: "An easygoing cigar that will please those who like light cigars. The taste is rich and sharp but smooth?"

In the same issue, Smoke magazine rated Don Juan Urquijo Pyramid, Don Juan Urquijo Corona and Tabacalera Corona a high 88 and the Tabacalera Robusta a rating of 89. Smoke?s rating scale of 88-89 means "very good to excellent."

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